DRC Custom Rules : Error + Weaker Warning

I’d like to set a warning and an error for hole_to_hole spacing such that when I move a via, it highlight a nearby via a color representing warning (yellow) if the penetration clearances will merge (creating a slot) and a separate color representing error (green, as is the present default) if the vias are closer than manufacturing allows.

Is there a means to perform this?

  • I do not believe that warnings presently display a different color in the interactive router.

  • I believe the DRC custom rules will never check for the warning, since the condition will first be met by the error, given the DRC custom rules code below:

(version 1)

(rule "Distance between Vias (Hole to Hole) (Don't Break Return-Plane Path)"  
	(severity warning)
	(constraint hole_to_hole (min "0.254mm + 0.254mm + 0.09mm"))
	(condition "A.Type =='Via' && B.Type =='Via'")

(rule "Distance between Vias (Hole to Hole) (Different Net)"  
	(constraint hole_to_hole (min 0.5mm))
	(condition "A.Type =='Via' && B.Type =='Via' && A.Net != B.Net")

(rule "Distance between Vias (Hole to Hole) (Same Net)"  
	(constraint hole_to_hole (min 0.254mm))
	(condition "A.Type =='Via' && B.Type =='Via' && A.Net == B.Net")


Posted feature request here.

There is not a current way to show warnings during routing. You can open a wishlist item to request this feature development in the future

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Posted feature request here.