DRC Complaining About F.Mask/F.Paste Unconnected to Top Copper

Hi I’m working on a layout and I’m getting a weird error in when I run the design rules check. It lists a huge number of Unconnected Items, all of which include some item on a non-copper layer. A lot of them seem to be complaining that the F.Paste or F.Mask component of a pad isn’t connected to the Top Copper layer or to each other.

I’m thinking this may be because I’m working on a 6 layer board, which is new territory for me. I’ve tried re-reading the netlist and nothing changes.

This is annoying because I can’t effectively check for actual missing connections. The best I can do is squint at the ratnest, but I’d like the assurance of a clean DRC before I go ahead with printing and fabrication

Any idea how I can fix this? Photo of the error and my board layout below:



Pads without copper (aperture pads) must not have pad number defined. Remove the pad number.


Is there a reason they were defined in the first place? This board layout was just made using generic library footprints for the most part and that’s a lot of what is generating the error message. Seems strange that that would be built into the KiCad standard library.

Give an example. It’s a bug in the footprint.

The screenshot looks like they either use outdated footprints or are not using the official ones (not a rounded rectangle in sight and well nearly all smd footprints for standard parts especially R, L, C and IC packages should have them)

So before an issue is created double check that it exists in the current master branch of the lib.

edit: with outdated in this case i mean like from version 4. And well nearly nothing is the same in the version 5 lib.

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