DRC check remarks makes me wonder


As I work now for a short time with V7, iI manage to get the PCB more or less sort it out. As I want to let manufactory over to thirt party, the PCB design should be complete as possible. So, I perform the DRC check and several comments and warnings came out of it. Also a few I found accpatable or no follow required. There are some warnings that were a mistory for me in relation to what kind of effect it has for the eventually product outcome. A printscreen is attached, but as is dutch so it come to this I think:

  • Silkscreen is truncated by solder mask
  • silkscreen overlaps

Am I right if these remarks are cosmetic resukts and not functionallity issue?? What means, I can continue without problems.

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Most probably yes. You can hide other than (top or bottom) silk and mask layers and see more easily if there are problems.

Cosmetic? Hmm, yes mostly, Silkscreen is the (usually) white text printed on the PCB, sometimes also called “legend”. But it sure is nice to have those texts readable.

Those texts can also overlap with solder pads, and can then interfere with soldering, but for that you get another warning message.

Those things are also reasonably quick to simply correct. Just experiment a bit with viewable layers and move texts to locations where they do not interfere.

You can also place those texts under footprints. Then they are still helpful during (manual) assembly, but you will barely see them once the PCB is finished.

I also like to put a version and revsion number on the PCB and a “Made with KiCad” logo :slight_smile:

eelik and paulvdh

Thanks for the usefull remarks. As I removed tags and value per part, the warnings number went down, so that’s fine for me. The remark that once the PCB is finished and operational, these value and figures all are not visual anymore is what I agree to. And it is not, that there are hunderds parts, so a good overview remains.



That is of course only if you put them Under parts such as IC’s and resistors.
If you put the texts next to them, they remain visible and are useful for rework and troubleshooting. And of course for labeling connectors and stuff.


Yes, that’s of course true and I meant when it is assembled, boxed and not visualable anymore. For the rest, it is just a small piece of board with a few parts. Easy to figure out.



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