Drawing tools don't work after placing pin (Kicad 6.0.5 Symbol Editor)

When using the Symbol Editor in Kicad 6.0.5 the drawing tools stop working after I place a pin.
They seem to be selected in the UI, everything else works as expected.I can still place more pins,text, move things around etc. -the rectangle, circle, line, arc tools just don’t do anything anymore.
After closing and reopening the Symbol Editor they work just fine again.
Is this a bug or user error?

Bug, see Symbol Editor: Unable to create any graphic elements after selecting "Add pin" function (#11607) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

Due to be fixed in upcoming 6.0.6

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I tried finding a issue on GitLab before asking here…unfortunately didn’t find it.

Same for me. I could not find it either, but I knew it was there.
when I followed gkeeth’s link I saw it’s already closed and I only searched the open issues…

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