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Hi all. This will seem dumb but please bear with me. So i’m learning KiCad and this is my first project. I’m am doing a footprint for an RJ45 ethernet jack connector, but i’m stuck interpreting the measurement. How do draw the board dimensions from the drawing, like i’m trying to understand which is the top,side and top views and what measurements they translate to?

Unfortunately I cannot upload what I’ve done on footprint so far since i’m a new user
this is the datasheet.


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Unless otherwise noted, your datasheet pad layout is looking down from the top.

If you read a few other threads, you will probably earn enough “credit” to be able to post an image of your work or upload the footprint itself.

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Try now. and some 20 character bs more. :wink:

That recommended PCB layout has only the holes specified, they need copper rings around the holes. The two rows of small holes are for the actual data pins; the two large holes are for mounting purposes for the two large pins.

Distance of the two pin rows: 0.1", from center to center.

Distance of two pins in one row: (0.35" / 7) * 2 = 0.1".

You can take a look at the Connector_RJ library in KiCad; this isn’t vastly different from for example some Amphenol or Wuerth RJ45 connector footprints.

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