DRawing sheet for Eagle Import

I have imported an Eagle project, and am very pleased with the process so far.

The imported schematics have two borders, one of which is a component in the imported library from the original Eagle drawing sheet or border. The Eagle text “macros” such as “>DRAWING_NAME” do not get replaced with anything meaningful.

I am happy to delete these Eagle components, but how do I add a new KiCad drawing sheet to an existing schematic?

I can’t find the answer anywhere. It seems the drawing sheet is added automatically if I start a new project, but no option to add one.

Schematic Editor / file / Page Settings has a Size field in which you can select the paper size. You can also enter the data for the title block in that dialog.

You can create new page layouts with the Drawin Sheet Editor, which is a separate program in the KiCad EDA suite, and accessible directly from the project manager.

That doesn’t help as there is no drawing sheet to edit. I can enter things in the Drawing sheet editor and save it but then what?

The question is how to add a drawing sheet to an existing schematic (imported from Eagle) that does not have one.

  1. You create a new sheet with the **Drawing Sheet Editor (And then save it somewhere).


  1. From Schematic Editor / file / Page Settings you browse to it and select it.

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