Drawing Scale for Tiny Boards

I often design very small boards (10mm x 10mm). On the drawings, they have a 1 to 1 scale. This means they are tiny boards in the middle of a big drawing. I chose smaller page sizes so the ratio of the page to the board to the page is better, but even on an 8.5" x 11" page, but doesn’t solve the issue. I suppose I could make a 1" x 2" page, but then I’d have to make a special border to fit that. Is there any way to add a scale factor to the layout to solve this issue?

What’s your final goal? You just want the work environment to match your work size? The are printing and plotting options that you can kludge for output. There does seem to be a minimum paper size though and even at that the title block is way off scale. I get you point though.

Using the smallest possible paper size (custom size 102x102mm) this is how a 10mm board would look like

So probable what the OP would like to do is to have his mini board filling up the whole frame for easy viewing by scaling the frame to the size of the board, if ever needs to be printed using “fit to page” will give you a BIG board (readable) on a normal A4 piece of paper. Something like this:

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