Drawing rectangles without automatic rounded corners

Hi there,

I wanted to draw some touchpads which I plan to use as simple buttons on my pcb with the rectangle tool in the PCB-Editor. I realized that those rectangles have small rounded corners after creating them. Is there a way to prevent this round corners to appear. I want perfect rectangles. I discovered that the same happens when trying to import SVG rectangles. Any ideas on this? Is there a reason?

The underlying reason is that graphic lines in KiCad always have rounded end points (a rectangle is made out of 4 lines.

But you can use: PCB Editor / Place / Place Graphical Polygon, then edit the polygon and set it’s linewidth to 0.

Maybe you can adapt this to import of polygons from an SVG or DXF file, but you have to set it’s linewidth to zero too. A linewidth of 0 for real lines does not make any sense in a vector drawing program. KiCad uses nanometers internally, and that would be quite thin lines indeed, or KiCad would have to guess some arbitrary other number.

Ah, nice workaround or fix. Thanks! I also found a fix for rectangle zones. When setting the minimal width to the smallest possible size (0.025) the rounded corner is much smaller. In the end the corner might look rounded anyways because of the production process of the board.

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