Drawing half circles

I was trying to add a new optocoupler component 6N137 with an active circuit inside to my schematic library. To create an AND gate, I need to draw a half circle which is open to the left. But the ARC drawing always draws a half circle which is open to the right. Any suggestions how to create a half circle open to the left with the ARC drwawing program?
I might be able to draw a mirror image of the whole component and then mirror it again but this seems not the right way to do it.

Start drawing from oposite end point. Component editor always trying to draw arcs anticolckwise.

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Perhaps in the next round of EESchema development there will be a more complete arc-drawing tool. (I.e., specify center point, radius, starting point, and included angle; or start point, end point, and radius; etc.) HuBa’s frustration with a half-circle is minor compared to trying to draw an arc of, say, 60 degrees or 270 degrees, etc.


Start drawing from the opposite end was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

@dchisholm LOL, yeah :slight_smile: