Drawing frame and title block in GerbView

I wish to control what drawing frame and title block is included in my Gerber files. Presently, it seems that there is no control but I am sure that I’m just missing it. Can someone offer some direction?

The “frame and title block” is called the “sheet reference” in older versions of KiCAD. (And perhaps in the current version.) You can plot it on a Gerber layer, or exclude it from a layer, by checking a box in the “Plot” dialog. I believe this is also the case for the “Print” dialog.

The frame and title block that is printed is the one specified for the entire project. You can NOT customize it on a layer-by-layer basis.


I’m using KiCAD v5.0.0 and my GerbView has no plot option nor does the print dialog have many of the options shown in the plot dialog above. I’ll look at v5.0.2.

Print and plot are 2 different menu options.

I’ve just upgraded to v5.0.2-1. GerbView has no plot option in the File menu nor is there a plot button on the tool bar.

The plot and print options being referred to by @dchisholm are in pcbnew and not in gerbview.

I’ve learned a few things since my first post so maybe I could have done a better job describing the problem now that I look back on it.

When I open GerbView, there is a sheet reference (what I called a frame and title block) already present. This is before opening any Gerber content. When I open the Gerber files (which may have a sheet reference already in place from my generation process in pcbnew, it loads it and then there are two sheet references, the custom one I made and the default that was there when I opened GerbView. How do I start GerbView with nothing in the field of the drawing?

Yes, your first post didn’t mention GerbView, so it sounded (to me) like you were encountering difficulties making the frame show when you created Gerbers from PCBNew.

I use “GerbV” rather than GerbView, so I don’t have an answer. I hope somebody can help, because what you describe sounds like a bug!


That will be in v5.1. See attached bug report for details

I still observe the same behavior in v5.1 of KiCAD: a sheet reference (or drawing frame) is already present without having opened any Gerber files. This seems wrong.

Preferences->Gerbview->“Show page limits”

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