Draw positive and negative terminal without using component

Hi all. Im new beginner in Kicad and pcb. I want to ask question about positive and negative terminal in my pcb design. In my pcb, where can i connect positive and negative source? same in my schematic?
I draw positive and negative solder pad just as voltage source. But cannot draw the track with LED component.

Not exactly sure what you mean.
But if I understood you correctly - you have to first have some kind of terminals on the schematic, then assign footprints. For example two of 1x01 connector terminals or a single 1x02 connector terminal. Assign footprints as you like (they can be even pads or plated mounting holes or something more specific - like a proper 2-pin connector).

A general KiCAd workflow is:

  • in the Schematic Editor: symbols and tracks on the schematic, footprints assiged to the symbols
  • in the PCB editor: footprints and the net of the connection imported from a schematic, tracks lay down, etc.
    If you follow that - the design process is very easy.

Yeah. Thats exactly what I mean. Will try. Thanks Greg_m.

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