Draw Polygon From Coordinates


Is it possible to enter a list of coordinates, and have KiCad draw the corresponding polygon?

For example, in EAGLE, a command like this:

WIRE (-1 0) (0 1) (1 0) (-1 0)

…would draw a triangle with vertices at (-1, 0), (0, 1), and (1, 0).

Is there similar functionality somewhere in KiCad? Or is it common practice to just keep an eye on the grid coordinates when sketching polygons?

(I’m aware that you can manually edit the endpoints of individual line segments, but I’d imagine that gets cumbersome for larger or more complicated shapes.)

New to KiCad, so please point me in the right direction if this has already been answered. Thanks!


There is no command line like Eagle. It might be possible to create a script in Python… I’ve been thinking of writing a “command interpreter”, but that would only work in pcb layout.

Yes, I think so. The relative coordinate is very useful, press “space” to set the origin at the current mouse pos.


I know the new framework for EEschema is not around the corner, but wasn’t that supposed to be possible there too then (scripting)?


Are you drawing schematics or layouts?

‘Wire’ is not exactly a drawing element… I’m confused.


Eagle calls lines “wires”, depending on the layer it becomes a track, or a schematic wire, or just a line if drawing layer. A nice thing about Eagle is the interface is quite generic across different layers and objects, the KiCad approach is more “object oriented”.

I hope so. It would be great to have script console available in the component and footprint editors too.