Dragging wires and tracks

I vaguely remember in the past working on PCB layout tools, and schematic tools, where the wires (in the schematic) and tracks (in the PCB designer) would move with a component, if that component was moved.

I notice that KiCad doesn’t seem to do that at the moment, so when moving a component in either Eeschema or PCBnew you have to delete the attached wires/tracks and redraw them.

Honestly, it’s no big deal. But I just wondered if this was on the roadmap anywhere? Or maybe it’s a deliberate decision?


EDIT: dragging wires wires and tracks work in v5.99 in both schematic and layout respectively, however there’s much cleanup to do in some cases.

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Ah, thank you! Didn’t know that.

I don’t think it matters about the cleanup required - that’ll get looked after by bug fixes down the line. It’s great that the basic functionality will be implemented in V6.

Dragging symbols with wires works already in v5.1. Press G on top of a symbol.



Right click on the symbol and select drag instead of move.


What embarrasses me most is that I think I once knew about ‘G’ and forgot! Mind you, it’s not massively useful for me right now as the wires end up at weird angles. At least it remembers the start and end points, though, which will help avoid mistakes during tidying.

Don’t be too reluctant of dragging if it results in:

When you bump into those tracks later, with the autorouter, it’s quite possible they jump back to a more sensible routing. But as you probably noticed: It’s being worked on (in the nightlies), so behavior can change each day / week / month…

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Thanks, everyone. Great people is this forum! :grinning:

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