Dragging page in Schematic moves to edge of page fast when mouse moved off the page

Hi, I am trying to find a setting that will stop the page from moving to the edge quickly (preferably stop dragging altogether), when I am dragging the page with the centre mouse button (Wheel) and the screen moves to the edge of the page. It zooms straight to the edge in that direction. I have found some comments on the warp feature which sounded similar but turning those off did not help.

Any thoughts? I am using the latest stable, 7.0.9 on a fully patched Win 10.

Thanks in advance.

What does this mean?

I’m guessing maybe Schematic editor / Preferences / Preferences / Mouse and Touchpad / Pan and Zoom / Automatically pan while moving object is what you are searching for. It’s right next to the Center and warp cursor on zoom function you mentioned. It also has sliders for adjusting zoom and pan speeds.

Thanks Paul,
I dug out an old computer and have determined that it is not a KiCAD issue. I am using two computers with four monitors and some software called “Mouse without Borders” so I can use one keyboard and mouse on both computers. There is a bug in that mouse app where as the page is dragged the crosshair does not appear on the opposite side of the screen when you drag off the edge (as it does correctly without the mouse software). It just drags the whole page to the the limit of the page. It might be time to buy one computer to run four screens.

Thanks for the input though.

I used to have a dual monitor setup. About 2 years ago I bought a 107cm 4k monitor. I still have the old two monitors, one of them is even connected, but I rarely have a need to turn it on.