Drag track will not complete

New comer here.
When I attempt to drag a track segment I can use the D key to attach and move it but when I attempt to complete the move with left click it will not place the segement.
Anyone seen this . . . and what am I doing wrong.

Kicad version?
canvas? (default=legacy, opengl or cairo)

version 4.0.6
I have not changed anything so it must be the default

You can’t place the track at a place where it would violate design rules.

You can switch to the open gl canvas (F11)
go to preferences->interactive router and change mouse drag behavior to interactive drag.
Then you can use m to drag similar to the drag in legacy.
But the interactive drag moves stuff out of the way for you instead of simply not allowing you to drag. (If it can’t move something the trace you drag will “walk around” the obstacle.)


Thanks very much.
That gives me things to try.

Thank you again.
the design rules were apparently what was causing me difficulty.

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