Drag and shove performing worse on v6.0.7

This post is about opening a one that I found, but was closed without any solution whatsoever. User hrm wrote here:


A am excited for the new release, but after using it a while I noticed that the most important function(and the one that I use the most) is not working as good on V6 compared to the previous V5 release.

Most noticable is the fact that quite often when I start draggind a track(with “D” hotkey), the app refuses to shove the nearby traces and vias even though there is plenty of space. Also the previos version used to break straight sections into smaller ones with 45 degree angles to shove it more efficienty.

I played around with the interactive router settings but it seems that I cannot restore the functionality to where it was before.

Does anybody have similar problems or know any potential solutions?


I was happy with the drag and shove that of KiCAD 5, but I was forced to update to version 6, so I had to migrate. I regret.

Would be it a problem to go backwards and the developers use the drag and shove engine from version 5? Is there a combination of parameters that allows us to work as before?

Please don’t fix it if ain’t broken!

Thank you in advanced.

Have you tried the latest “Testing” build?
There have been a few performance affecting fixes since 6.0.7

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Hi, I installed it on Linux Mint through the PPA:

deb Index of /kicad/kicad-6.0-releases/ubuntu focal main

The user that reported it before me says that such problem has been there seen since the release 6.0.1, maybe KiCAD 6 isn’t stable yet.

I’ll try the latest build ASAP. Thank you!