Download confusion - Nightly downloaded instead of stable [SOLVED]

At > Download > Windows> Cern > (Auto Download Dialogue) > It Downloads 5.1.12-1 which is a nightly as I have confirmed with the signature. How do I download the stable version for I don’t remember but I have a program that if I install the nightly versions I will then forever be stuck on that train.

I don’t know about the signature, I don’t understand what it has to do with nightly vs. stable. (EDIT: now I understood after der.ule’s message below.) The download link leads to stable releases and that’s what you get. In any case all versions beginning with 5.1 are file compatible, you can downgrade to some other version in series 5.0/5.1 and continue your projects. Only if you edit a project with the real nightly builds, at the moment 6.0RC1 (formerly 5.99) the project won’t be compatible with v5.1 anymore.

A nightly build doesn’t imply unstable.

Nightly usually means there is an automated system to build a package regularly. In the distant past it hinted that it was built when the servers were less busy, but nowadays it’s always night somewhere on the globe. :wink:

Mm it may be that there was a small bug in the signing process (to be honest I never checked before), but what you download it is the latest stable release from KiCad (v5.1.12-1) as opposed to the versions that are built every night with the latest changes (nightly) for testing what eventually will become v6.0

As I understand from the text below, you were expecting your binary to have the signature: “08d72a8ce400d3b9384a263511bac45d”

Download Verification

All installer binaries will have a code signed digital signature attached. Windows will automatically verify the signature is valid, however you may want to ensure it actually is present and the correct signer. A guide on how to verify the installer is available here: Windows Installer Verification Guide

A valid official KiCad signature has:

Signer Name Simon Richter
Issuer DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA
Serial Number 08d72a8ce400d3b9384a263511bac45d

The nightly build KiCad signature is:

Signer Name KiCad Services Corporation
Issuer Sectigo RSA Code Signing CA
Serial Number 1f70b098b5c21a254a6fb427cdf8893e

Could it be that all builds are moving to the organisation signature instead of the Simon Richter one, and that the notes haven’t been updated yet?

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Thanks all. I take it stable and solved.

’marekr’ you affirm the confusion. In Gitlab the ‘Stable’ is the inverted of the the ‘Nightly’ which is also a cross reference of my confusion when checking from Windows and the Download page.

Stable expect: 08d72a8ce400d3b9384a263511bac45d but get 1f70b098b5c21a254a6fb427cdf8893e

Doesn’t matter, as long as I don’t install six until stable it makes no difference.

Thanks one and all.