Double RCA connector

where i find footprint for the device attached ?rca_pcb

In your local library, afte you have drawn it :slight_smile:

There are two pins (or are there three?) and if you can measure them it’s easy to do it yourself. You must learn to draw your own footprints anyways if you want to use any EDA package.


There are three pins.
I used for the symbol “Conn_Coaxial_x2” thinking that the footprint was already there.

There may be a fitting footprint somewhere - although I doubt it - but honestly, you should learn to make your own anyways, and the time you spend looking for one is often more than you spend making one. For this kind of through hole component the pad spacing and size isn’t even critical (unless it goes to mass production). You just need either a better datasheet (with pin dimensions) or a physical component which you can measure with a caliper.

After you have learnt how to make footprints this will take less than 15 minutes, including taking measures. With a good datasheet maybe 5 minutes. By now you have already spent many hours without finding a footprint.

You need that even if you use an existing footprint as you will want to check if that footprint fits (There are many variations of similar parts that do not necessary fit the same footprint)

There exist probably thousands or tens of thousands coaxial connectors - the name doesn’t even tell if it’s an RCA connector. Judging by the picture you have found a cheap connector from ebay or something similar. Either it’s a clone of some well-known component manufacturer’s component, or just a cheap Chinese component. In the first case you may have luck finding an original component and datasheet, even a ready made footprint. In the latter case, not so much.

it seems this:

I am not sure. I think the pin arrangement is different (the one you linked has the single pin toward the front and the one by OP toward the back.)

Also the one you link has additional mounting studs while the one by OP does not seem to have them. (That one seems to have mounting screws for connecting it to a front panel)

You are right, sorry :slight_smile:

A comprehensive internet search will do.

not finding any datasheet on the internet, I designed it from scratch taking measurements with the ruler.
I made a 1: 1 scale print and overlapping the component, it seems to be fine.
Anyway thank you for the help.

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You did not search well.


In these datasheets you can find all relevant dimensions for creating your own footprint. I did when designing my own audio preamplifier.
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They don’t look identical to the image above.

The datasheets you posted have nothing in there that is similar to the part. The closest one is similar to the one posted by @maui and therefore has the same differences to the part posted by @Franco_Zen

Just because the connector end is similar does in no way mean the pcb interface is! This could be an expensive mistake to make.

Expensive mistake with cheap Chinesium parts as in OP’s picture.

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