Double layer PCB. through board conection heeeeelp

Please help me understand the best way to overcome an issue that driving me potty. Right I’ll try and explain for you guys to understand.

Firstly I creating the pcb for myself from start to finish so nothing fancy needed.
The pcb. Will have x32 female headers laid out 4x8. Due to how the pins are connected the board needs to be double sided (I think) my question relates to the top layer where the 32 headers are laid out. Obviously as the components are on the front I can’t solder the top layer pads. On this I wanted to make some ‘through hole pads’ to give me something to solder to and then put a wire through the board to join up to the top layer.
What is a good way to bring the soldered component from the back to the traces on the top layer??
Sorry but I think I confused myself just explaining.

Got a datasheet link for us or at least a picture, so we know what those are?
Also, if you can, locate the footprint you used and upload it here (if you can) or some 3rd party file hoster…

Just use vias?
When you lay down a track try hitting [V] key.

Eyelet pcb rivets?
People used to use these before plated through hole boards became cheap.

Hi Joan thanks for the reply.
I had initially intended using vias but struggled with it.mive just watched an online vid that sort of explained it to me, just need to practice the method and see where it goes. If this fails I’ll do some screen shots.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Make extra holes a bit away from the connector where you put a wire in before soldering the connector.

If you say you manufacturer the pcb yourself, double sided.

Hi davidsrsb thanks for the reply. Yeah might be a possibility, I’d intended to just use wire soldered front and back.

Hi nicholas thanks for the reply.
Yeah just how I’m trying to do it…but I was have lots of issues trying to put the hole through from front to back along the traces. I’d place a through via from a trace on the front but when I tried drawing a trace from the via to the pad on the backside it wouldn’t let me do it and simply only allowed front or back traces not both (each trace was drawn inline with each other .


As I understand you don’t use a schematic.

Most likely the traces on the backside will get a different net name unless you route them in one sweep or start on an already existing trace, picking up on that net name.

Or just disable all DRC checks.
Let the tool ignore any errors.

Just guessing.

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Yeah, probably need to do that when you run without schematic. KiCAD won’t let you connect pads with each other otherwise.

Hi I’ve created the schematic and gone through the procedures to get to the pcb. Think I’ve managed it now.

Hi all
After experimenting I think I’ve managed to get the traces back and front to coincide with the vias. Just need to alter to fit my requirements and change all the pads (just make a little bigger)
Thanks thus far.