Done with introduction tutorials, what's next?

Hi, i’ve just finished watching a bunch of kicad introduction courses and tutorials. Along the way i designed a lot of simple boards like the basic blinky thing, breadboard power supply, some accessory cap for raspberry pi and other. I’m pretty confident with basic kicad functions and would like to make something more serious. Just to make clear, my goal is to teach myself electrical engineering, microcontroller stuff and low level programming. So my question is, are there any open-source projects to study or even contribute to? Do people use GitHub for such purposes or there are some other places to search?

Thanks to all in advance.

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There’s a nice community of makers and lots of projects at all levels on Hackaday.


Projects section on eevblog forum is also a great place to learn about what people are building
Some projects there are even crowd-sourced to an extent.


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