Done :Problems and more problems

After I have adjusted icons, they are displayed as errors.

I saved the symbols in the project folder. Nothing changes.

I can’t connect the pads.
I deleted KiCad and installed the latest version and loaded the basic settings.

How can I fix this?

There are at least two ways to “fix” this.

One way is to just turn off the warning, as your modifications are (presumedly) on purpose.
You can do this with: Schematic Editor / File / Schematic Setup / Electrical Rules / Violation Severity

The other way is to:

  1. Export your modified symbol to a project specific library.
  2. Use the modified symbol from that library, without further modification in the schematic itself.
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You seem to have changed the symbols directly on your schematic without saving them as a custom symbol to your personal library. This is generally not a good idea. Also you likely moved some pins off-grid during editing, which prevents these connections.

The quickest fix would be to delete the problematic symbols and replace them with the standard ones from the KiCad library (or create your own ones, properly, and use them).

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All erased and redrawn with global library. What do I have to do now to fix the error?

How can I change the view so that the components are visible?

It’s done, I found it, I don’t know why they were suddenly off.

You can safely ignore these warnings, KiCad is telling you just that it doesn’t know where the PS1 component is getting power from. (I assume you deliver power by connecting J2 and J3?). You can add a PWR_FLAG symbol to nets where you push in power from the outside to silence KiCad. (Alternatively, instead of the generic connector, use a symbol that acts like a power output, but that’s less recommended in your case as you have split your input into two connectors and it would potentially require you to create your own symbols again.)

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