Doing a fillet on a corner on a PCB

I have a pcb that has a 45 degree angle on the upper left corner. I would like to round off the corners so they are not so harsh. I use the arc tool all the time to create rounded corners on pcb’s but they are always 90 degree turns. Is there any easy way to do this for a 45 degree angle.

Select the two lines (for example the vertical and the 45 deg in your screenshot → context menu → Fillet Lines


OMG, so easy. KiCad is just amazing. Thank you @eelik


I didn’t know this. Thanks eelik.

It also works on rectangles (drawn with the rectangle tool). Select the rectangle then Fillet Lines. KiCad fillets all four corners.

I didn’t know this context tool either – very handy eelik.

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yes, recently intoduced discourse feature:

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Also… consider using FreeCAD and the StepUP extension so you can load your PCB into freecad and use its constraints editor to define the board outline.
Its an absolute lifesaver!


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Great question @iitgrad and terrific answer/solution, @eelik, thanks!

Just wanted to give a different perspective here, as I have been doing the same sort of thing since KiCAD 5 which probably didn’t have that feature.

The way I would tackle this is to calculate the endpoint of the line using trigonometry and set those coordinates in the line’s properties. Then draw the arc and rely on snapping to the line endpoint to set the arc angle.

Whilst the fillet feature is undoubtedly useful, until KiCAD has a constraint based drawing editor as FreeCAD has, there will probably always be a need for trigonometry if you are doing anything more advanced than just fillets

For example I often need to draw a line that is tangential to a pair of arbitrary circles. There are 4 solutions to such a problem. So I normally just search for a convenient webapp that can solve it. I put the circle centres and radii into the webapp and click “solve” and then copy the coordinates of the line that I want back into KiCAD. Then I can draw arcs using the snapping feature as noted.

Generally for whatever trig problem you may have, you will be able to find a webapp for it. For some unusual ones I instead write a Python script that spits out S-expression data for insertion into my KiCAD PCB file. Happy to share any of my scripts upon request.

Kind regards, Nick