Does this Forum have a Dark theme?

If it does, how do I enable it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Ps. There is one chocolate-brown coffee-kinda-dark theme. It sucks, by the way. Is it possible to enable or add a normal dark (not black) theme?

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Profile > Preferences > Interface > Theme


IMHO A very dud looking brown dark theme :frowning_face:

Ah took me some time to find the interface (using it on my phone). Thank you.

Great question. I love dark themes, didn’t stop to think to apply it to this white forum.


IMHO A very dud looking brown dark theme :frowning_face:

May be, but everything beats the blinding white IMO. U should try that codesys abomination. I am currently working with it in Twincat. There is no option to use anything else but white :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:


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If you find the white of your monitor blinding, try reducing the screen brightness.

I previously had a HP monitor where you could not really reduce brightness - below a certain threshold, it emitted a unnerving whine (from PWM modulation) which I found unbearable, so I had it it on almost full brightness, which was uncomfortable. While I am writing this, I have reduced the brightness of my current monitor (which does noise free dimming, I checked that before I purchased it this time) from 50 to 60. BTW also saves energy.
Personally I prefer the light themes. Oddly enough, PCB editors have always been “dark theme”.

True, this is a disgusting thing. I activated the theme through the smartphone yesterday and went to sleep. Today, using… it is horrible. I switched back to the white thing immediately.

Seriously, this dark theme is horrible shit. It is not possible to use it.

Haha, you think that I don’t have nightlight enabled at all times :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , well I do :wink: :

I first used Windows 10 built in nightlight. That only works with VGA and external monitors. When new monitors were shuffed through my throat with HDMI, displayport and later USB-C that nightlight didn’t work for the monitors.

So that was the first and perhaps last time that I used the windows app store to download the app F.lux. So I once again had a decent nightlight filter. Never experienced a computer headache ever since

Man, you should have seen my boss a year ago. He was programming assembly in… windows Notepad. And I am not talking about notepad++, no just plain ol’ notepad. It hurts to see him squeeking his eyes doing that. Now I am teaching al die old people at work about dark mode and nightlight :grimacing:: Minds are blown over there.

Come to the dark mode



I truly wonder where this dark theme obsession is coming from.
When I started programming on a Mac, black text on white background was the latest thing and everyone loved it. Maybe because users were fed up with green on black VT100 mainframe terminals?

So why is it that some people are obsessed with dark mode? I try it from time to time and mostly stick with the light mode.

  • is it because it’s the latest thing and, as in music, fashion and everything else people love new things?
  • is it because screens are much larger now and the impact of a bright white large surface is more severe?
  • is it because backlights got brighter? From dim CCFLs at the edge of the display to full high efficiency white LEDs (assuming you are in front of a LCD screen)?

When I wrote “reduce screen brightness” (this was not a joke) I meant reduce the brightness of the LED backlight of the monitor, not some signal processing source-side (this reduces available color depth… not sure this matters). So search in your monitor menu, usually it’s brightness.

I always thought this forum had a lot of dark themes. Like people doing PCBs without schematics and shit like that…


I don’t know why you’re complaining about using Notepad – y’all are spoiled.

For years I wrote assembly on a notepad – the spiral-bound kind – then punched cards on an IBM 029 keypunch. Then it was a line editor using an ASR-33 teletype terminal. Moving up to a VT-100 and KED was an incredible improvement.

Oh, and get off my lawn!

Adjusting monitor brightness may negatively impact the overall color reproduction of the display. It’s not a magic solution.

This isn’t an obsession. People legitimately are exploring this amazing flexibility of technology to flip a button that adjusts the screen for their comfort.

It’s like complaining we don’t use lead in gasoline anymore when back in the old days, everything was fine /s

Or the milk industry complaining people aren’t drinking milk, even though much of it is because there’s no longer a stigma to admit you are lactose intolerant.

Not sure what you mean, I use windows built in night light on windows 10 with display port monitors and hdmi monitors all the time.

It’s not an obsession, it’s a personal choice for comfort. I use dark themes and modes everywhere I possibly can because that reduces strain on my eyes that have to stare at 2 32" light sources for 6-12 hours a day almost every day. Reducing brightness is not a good solution because then any media like movies or games or photos starts to look like crap and I don’t want to fiddle with crappy monitor UI several times a day.

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There is no dark theme obsession. I never understood why everything is so white and bright. I also don’t understand how and why people use Microsoft OS, it sucks. But this is another topic. What time do you work on the computer? How many hours of your day do you sit in front of a screen? I use to work after 22h (10 PM) until 3 or 4 in the morning. A dark theme is a normal choice. I use the command line and terminal the whole day, it is dark/black with not-so-white text. It is good to read and work. There is no obsession here. Just people that work and live different than you.

Remember that character display CRTs used to be bright on dark. So it’s not a new thing. I too prefer dark background, and especially for terminal windows. They are easier to read.

and why people use Microsoft OS

Games… gotta relax between coding and PCB designing sometimes. Glass of single malt or a cuppah with it :+1:

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