Does "Exempt from courtyard requirement" not work in 7.0.9 or do I misunderstand it?

I have a PCB where it is okay that two components have overlapping courtyards. I expected that the error goes away when I check the “Exempt from courtyard requirement” on both footprints, but unfortunately that is not the case.
Is this a bug in KiCad or do I misunderstand what that checkbox is used for?

Thanks for your help guys!


No, that checkbox controls whether or not you get a warning that the given footprint does not have a valid courtyard, not whether or not the courtyard (if it is valid) is checked for overlapping with others.

If the component does have a valid courtyard, then one way to get rid of an overlapping courtyard error is to exclude that particular error.

Tip: You can select the Error/Warning/Violation then, Right-Click it and set how to handle it…

Ah okay, thank you very much. I already set up a custom rule to ignore courtyard violations of one component. For anyone who needs it as well:

(rule exempt_from_courtyard_overlap
(condition "A.Reference == 'I1' || B.Reference == 'I1'")
(constraint courtyard_clearance (min -100mm)))

Thank You, I had the same question and this is the answer ! :face_with_peeking_eye: