Does anyone know of a script that can read a BOM back into schematic symbol fields?

Hi All,
Looking for a script that can read CSV BOM file with all the fields attributes and repopulate the schematic with those values. I’ve got a bunch of perl scripts that I could fork to do this, but I think that would take a week to get something working well enough to do what I want. Ideally, I would just output a BOM using the one of the python BOM tool, import the CSV into a spreadsheet, fix all the fields, and use a script to modify the schematic files. It would be nice if the BOM tool was bi-directional or the cmp-files held the field info, then this would be really easy… Any ideas?

KiField was made to do this.

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Thanks I’ll check it out!

This looks like what I was looking for, do you have a preferred bom2csv generator? It seems that the one I have is goofing up the text delimiters. All the fields are being quoted together, grrr. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the version I have. Seems like the one I use at work doesn’t do this, but I’m at home playing around:)

Oh, another question about this script. It can read the XML, so I was wondering if page order could be modified too? Is this something that is being considered? I’ve got a set of scripts that I wrote that do this but, most of my scripts are hacked together in perl which is great for hacking not so great for people to try and figure out what I was doing, including me sometime:)

Ok, it was a bug in the plugin bom2csv, easy enough to fix… Guessing it will all work now!