Does anyone know if there is a footprint for KEL 8801

sorry for the uber noob question:

does anyone know if there is an existing footprint for this connector? :
3M P50-060S-RR1-EA

Thank you.

I take it you have some on hand that you want to use up?


P25/P50 - obsolete 28/MAR/2006

They have a few models on the link you gave but I don’t know the format.
Mfg CAD Models




There are a few places online that will make these for you.

thanks hermit.

i do have an old modem board I can desolder this connector from if need be.

i started a requeste for a footprint model on

we’ll see if they can hook me up.

I’m trying to engineer this board for a vintage laptop: CF adapter for Toshiba portables - Conventional Memories Wiki

the author doesn’t have gerber files posted and I can’t reach out to him for it. so I’m teaching myself kicad… thank you!

I opened the .IGS and .STP in FreeCad. No problems. Image below.
(the x_t are generally from Pro-E and I no longer have Pro-E loaded on my machine).

If you make a Footprint, you can load .STP file into the 3D panel in the Footprint Editor.

Review tutorials on making Footprints (Note: Footprints are only the Pad and and associated graphics (silk, courtyard…etc). The 3D model (.STP) is used only for Graphic representation in the 3D-Viewer. Thus, not essential for circuit…

thanks, Blackcoffee!

indeed i loaded into kicad as a 3D model for the footprint I’m using. looks like I got the info I was looking for. now to engineer the schematic for the project I’m working on!


Great… FYI - you can doll it up in FreeCad… quick example…

Maybe you’ll like to take a look at KiCad StepUp, a FreeCAD’s workbench that can help you make footprints from 3D models:

EDIT: Mmm, it doesn’t appear to be working as before :man_shrugging:

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