Does anyone create their own spice models (if not available)?

I understand that it is rather complex. Probably more so than I comprehend.
For instance IS (Saturation Current) is one of the parameters needed and yet the datasheets for a particular component I am wanting to simulate doesn’t have this data readily available.

Inferring it must be calculated.

Search Github and online there is no spice model for this component. Bridge Rectifier KBU1010

Just wondering what you guys do when you need a component for simulation and it is not available?


Creating your own spice model is a big endeavor.

Better searching for something similar with a spice model, e.g. a diode 1000V, 10A like P1000M - Standard Recovery Rectifiers, and then use its model parameters.

If you want to know more, you may compare the current/voltage characteristics of the bridge rectifier with that of the diode.

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I used spice (PSPICE) rather long time ago. First (about 1995) I have done my models of BAV99, BC547 and BC557 to get the characteristics as they were in datasheets. Then I needed to have as close to the real RED LED and LED in transoptor characteristics so I measured them and don’t remember which way made a models of them (may be I used subcircuit as using standard diode parameters was not enough good - don’t remember). I wanted to design current loop receiver to work that way that 0…5mA no current flows in transoptor LED. For 5…10mA current in transoptor rises from 0…5mA. For 10…20mA current in RED LED rises from 0…10mA.
When I wanted (around 2004) to simulate EMC filters I have made a subcircuit models of many inductors, ferrite beads, ceramic and electrolytic capacitors to use them in my simulations (how they work up to about 1GHz) and then use in my designs.

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