Does anybody know what the footprints of the Connectors_Mini-Universal.pretty lib represent?


We are currently in the process of reorganizing the footprint libs (combining all libs into one repo. fixing some easily fixable KLC errors, renaming to have a universal naming scheme, …)

I am reluctant to include footprints where i do not know what to buy. (But i am also reluctant to exclude the hard work of our contributors.)
For this reason it would be nice to know what these connectors are. This would allow us to include them in the footprint lib for the v5 release. (Maybe somebody here on this forum does use these footprints and therefore knows what they represent.)

A quick google search lets me believe these connectors might be offered by TE-Connectivity. But i am not really sure about that. (Or more precisely: Not sure about what connectors from this series exactly fit the footprints in our repo.)

Link to old repo:

State of the footprint transfer:


May I suggest: anyone who is contributing to the library must include a link to a current data sheet for the part. This should eliminate the sort of confusion you mention.


Yup we require that for new contributions. But these footprints are older than the kicad github account.


I think that is a really good idea, there are too many footprints with no clue what actual part they are based on.

The author and original PR for those connectors appears to have been lost, probably because the lib got renamed. Hopefully that won’t happen any more with a unified repo.

There isn’t a field in the footprint which is easily accessible to store a datasheet URL, which is an omission IMO.


I’ve checked random samples from that library (2PinHorizontal, 4PinHorizontal and 6PinVertical to be exact) and they do fit the manufacturer drawings (TE catalogue, page 93).


Thanks for looking into this.