Docker hub, owner of kicad organisation?


It seems someone registered kicad in docker hub, but I don’t know if this one is held by someone in the dev team or some external user? there is no contact data so I ask here for now.

I ask because it would be nice to create some official docker images other users can build their applications on. Mainly as the base image of server-side scripting applications, as well as images which can be used for CI services,…

probably you know something? @nickoe, @c4757p,… (and other from the dev team)

I created that org on dockerhub

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Hi nickoe,

I have been working on CI for KiCad over Gitlab infrastructure. Right now I have a working build system that uses my personal hub account to pull a build image. I would like to transfer it to the official repo so that I can send a patch upstream to integrate that build process. I have a dockerfile at a private KiCad mirror in Gitlab shared with @pointhi.

We would also like to find the owner of the KiCad group in Gitlab and see if we can get that domain although the search has not been that fruitful as it was with docker yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you not able to make your work public somwhere?

What do you mean with your second paragraph?

Yes I am. I will talk with @pointhi to coordinate how to make the dockerfiles repo public.

There is a private organization in gitlab with ‘kicad’ as a name. I would like to find the owner in order to see if a transfer would be possible.

I presume that CERN are the owners of the KiCad trademark, if so they may have to defend their ownership by challenging the GitLab use

We agreed that the way to proceed is to open a kicad-docker repo in GH organization for the time being. I can then make a PR request to add the current building image. I do not have such permissions to create the repo so if you are kind enough to create it for me I will submit a PR with the dockerfile.

Thank you @nickoe

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