Docker build of KiCad 5 with Python scripting

For Linux users having trouble getting a recent version with wxpython enabled, I’ve made a Dockerfile for building version 5.0.0 along with wxwidgets and wxpython:

I’ve pushed the built image to Docker Hub so you can run it direclty (although it’s about a 2GB download). Not an expert on Docker or compiling KiCad so suggestions/PRs welcome, but it’s working fine for me so far.


I’ve been having issues with the experimental Gentoo ebuild for KiCad 5 lately…in particular, the 3D viewer tends to crash if you’ve included STEP models. I was looking for other options for running KiCad (other than booting into Windows) and after a few non-viable options, found this, and it works like a champ.

Please report this bug to our bug tracker. Crashes, regardless of the cause are critical issues and we’d like to fix them. But we can’t fix what we don’t know about (usually).

It was probably just a defective build. KiCad 5 is now in Portage, and the same actions that caused it to crash previously are no longer causing it to crash.

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