Do you use Zoom etc. from the right button menu in pcbnew?


Do you use, or how much do you use the Zoom and Center options from the context menu (right button menu) in the board editor? And how about the Grid options?

I ask because the amount of menu items distracts me. It could be possible to move the Zoom, Center and Grid items into “View” submenu so that instead of 6 1st level items there would be only 1. If people use these very much it may not be good to change it, but if not, I’ll create a wishlist report.


I only use the scroll wheel on my mouse for zooming & panning.
I didn’t even know there is a zoom option in some menu.


Same as @paulvdh
I switch between grids via that menu very often though


I also only use the mouse to zoom but for grid switching i most often use that menu.


The only time that I used was design using pen tablet (long board and mouse could cause some issue). Maybe is interesting, at least, keep some shortcut such F*s to zoom.


Burying zoom icons is not fair to non mouse users. Now if this could be a preferences setup, it would be great


Yes, true. Could be people that use the touch pad on notepad, for example.


Do you use pen tablet personally? It would be interesting to hear first-hand experience.

@hildogjr Yes, touch pad would be more common, but don’t they emulate the mouse wheel? Maybe not the older ones… Again, I’m interested in first-hand experience or even hearsay but not pure speculation (although your thought is good and relevant).

Hotkeys will certainly stay and they can be bind to easier keys than F1 etc. Is that enough for pen tablet, touch pad etc.?


I’m a mouse user, but think it is best to consider other options. A trackball is one possibility


Yes, I think all they emulate.
For pen tablet (personal experience, because they usually have just left button on press and right button) could exist a shortcut that holding and moving the pen up-down behave as zoom in or out (same for pan). The Altium EDA does somethink like this using the mouse right click. And this is is a opinion on the edge of this discussion.


Same here.

I do also use the Hot-Keys from time to time; probably faster then the “right-click & select”.


Like many others, I use the scroll-wheel for zooming pretty much exclusively. But, I heavily rely on being able to change the grid from the popup menu instead of having to go up to the tool-bar. Helps keep my focus centered on my task at hand instead of changing focus elsewhere on the screen.

Zoom and center might be candidates for sub-menu, but not grid IMHO.


I also use the mouse wheel to scroll and pan, but I don’t pan by clicking the mouse wheel I find it much quicker to zoom out and then zoom back in on the area of interest. Panning by clicking the mouse wheel gives you a limited amount of movement before you have to release, move the cursor and click the wheel again. And on a large board you may have to do that several times. I also use the ‘F3’ key to refresh the screen often to remove drawing artifacts, usually remnants of the cursor. As well as the ‘Home’ key to quickly zoom out and center on the board extents. I never use any of the navigation related items from the context menu. Usually when I need to change the grid I only want to go up or down one level and I use ‘N’ or ‘shift+N’ for that.

On a related note, another way to pan is to hold either the ‘shift’ or ‘control’ key while rotating the mouse wheel. However, while vertical scrolling (shift) works okay horizontal scrolling (control) scrolls on a slight diagonal. Is this a known issue and possibly corrected in V5?

Note: The above is based on version 4.0.x.


Pan clicking with wheel, for me, is a heritage of AutoCad and other. Because this I am so habituate.
There is also a request for a midle-double-click for zoom fit (used by some others software as well):


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