Do we have symbol for ABT7456 or MAX7456

i want to prepare small board for MAX7456 based OSD board. Do we have symbol for MAX7456 or ABT7456 ic.
i checked in the github but looks like not merge it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like Maxim doesn’t have it but it will do it if requested. However, if you are going to spend anytime doing this kind of thing, you might want to check out the FAQ. There is a tutorial on how to make a symbol. This one is quite easy and you will find it will quickly become easier and less time consuming. This one look easy enough.

Hi, did you look in
It’s worth signing up to that site, it’s free & they have a very big selection of symbols & footprints


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However, their quality is questionable at least for the KiCad export. We very often get questions here where it is clear that either their software can not really reliably deal with the KiCad file format or their library convention/quality control is just shitty or in conflict with the needs of KiCad.

The good thing of snap eda is that they use a very similar licence to the official KiCad library. Which means you will not be restricted in how you use the downloaded assets.

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yup, I have found that as well :frowning:

If SnapEDA fails (quality or doesn’t include), I check UltraLibrarian and ComponentSearch before then spending a bit of time to create.

Even these fail the KLC, ie the NC are explicitly shown instead of passive invisible and equally incorrectly labeled pins.

Hm it could be i confused snapeda with ultra librarian with my comment about their export quality.

The KLC is maily there to have a common look and feel for the official libray (to avoid a mess like the eagle supplied library for example)

Not all these rules must be followed for successful use of an asset.

tbf, every single one has had some questionable quality. its usually quicker to make your own. Footprints however… i will try to take a footprint simple because it does take quite a bit of time to draw the silk, the fab and the courtyard

For standard packages i would use the ipc generators

Oh I do, submitted a few (and improvements to the generator) and got a couple more to push back shortly.

These are the easier ones. Chokes and large radial capacitors however… just had todo 5 for an EMI filter and still quite a few todo…

I did not know that. Better i go with symbol creator itself. i have tried it couple of times but for smaller symbols like 8 pin ic.

As i wrote above i no longer am sure that this was about snapeda and not ultra librarian. So maybe try the assets from snap eda and if you have trouble you can still make them yourself.

However, always double check every asset you use. Even the ones from the official library.

Sorry to hear that you’ve had issues with the quality of our parts. If you ever need some help we provide support on our website and in most cases reply within 5 min and start working on the support inquiry immediately! :slightly_smiling_face: