Do not populate on KiCad 7.0.0-rc1-4

I would like to make just one observation regarding “Do not populate” and it concerns the color made transparent. So it’s hard to see anyway, example on a pdf, it would be better to be able to choose the color you want, for this function. A gray color for example, is easier to see, in my opinion…however I didn’t find this function,maybe there is…

Adding the “Do not Populate” flag makes the symbol pretty “bleak” and on the .pdf it looks the same, except when you create a .pdf in Black & White, then you do not see any difference.

I do not like the significance of colors for a thing like this. My preference would be to have a text string like “DNP” or some other graphical mark for it on the schematic.


I have been putting DNP in the value field of parts, or sometimes with a hint, like DNI-470pF.

Now with the database all parts will be atomic so adding a DNP text next to the part for printing (as well as the flag to keep it off the bom) will work. I also print schematics in B&W but I do like to soft glow of dnp parts on the screen.

Actually, even with parts pulled from the database, the standard parts lib is still available, so I suppose I could still plop a non-atomic cap and set the Value to DNP (as well as the flag). Need to play with this when I start my first v7 project.

Checked with most recent Windows version kicad-nightly-r31004.

Light color may be o.k. for color print, but we definitely need a visualization of DNP attribute in bw print. I like crossed-out symbol in Altium or Expedition. I guess the cross is on the bounding box diagonals, don’t know if it’s easily available in KiCad schematic graphic.



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Yes, adding some text might be an idea, but it still forces you to check all the text in the pages, when with a completely different color or a cross (Altium style), it’s easy to see.
I guess changing the color to transparency is easier from a programming point of view, I understand that, but if we want to simulate a variant of the schematic, then it would be better to delve into it via software…

Have you already filed an issue for this? I can upvote it.

Issue Done…

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Why don’t you give a link to the issue? It may gain more votes that way…

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Already fixed! ------

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