DNS & brd files, how to read / convert to kicad

I have some files from TI for one of thier evaluation boards, a schematic file in *.DSN format and PCB in *.brd format.

Any idea what program this was (current guess is orcad, altium has been mentioned).

And what is the best way of reading, or better yet to convert to kicad?

Many thanks,

I’m going to guess Cadence Allegro. I’m not aware of a way to translate those to KiCad at the moment.

If the format is text based, then open it in a text editor. Often the name of the program is embedded in the header near the top of the file, or search the file with a Linux utility such as “strings”.

It’s also likely that TI has some user forum and this has popped up there before, so you should consider searching there or asking there which programs they use.

I am 99% sure if you just look at the page it will say Cadence Orcad/Allegro next to those files. e.g.

Yes this was orcad / cadence. There is a free viewer available, which is fine for viewing the layout of evaluation board / not planning on duplicating it.

Unfortunatly the files are not human readable.

I open the TI Gerber files and use thema s graphic layer in KiCad to place new tracks on each layer.
This is where KiCad really needs a lot more spare layers

I can view the files with the allegro viewer which is good enough for my uses. No gerbers included with this one, required request to TI for them to send it.

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