Display issues in Kicad 5 on Windows


I had 4 pics andwa s blocked as new users can only send 1.

Text below.


You can add one picture per post. So you can just make multiple responses until you have posted everything you need.


I spent too much time trying to get “everything else being equal” and am not happy with the results (one click and something gets selected) but switching to F11 takes a long time; sometimes crashing. I can’t not click anywhere, so something else gets selected.

Also, for some reason the difference looks less now, maybe because the color changes I made yesterday reverted themselves. AARGH!

I’m running a portable version because I don’t know if multiple installed versions work well and all my designs that I have to maintain are in BZR 4022.

There is legacy, Modern Accelerated, Old BZR 4022 (not brightened) is the clearest:
I know (4022) settings are not the same, I don’t have time now to do so.
Wasted enough time on this, I have to get back to work


If you have any time, please report the crash to https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad This will be extremely helpful in ensuring we address any stability issues you are experiencing.