Disappearing battery footprint (Kicad 4.0.7 -> 5.1.4)

When I open the PCB for this project in KiCad 4.0.7, I get this, which is what I expect:

But when I open the same project in KiCad 5.1.4, I get this:

The 9V battery snap is missing. (Should be two giant through-hole pads, as well as an oval on B.SilkS.) Why did it disappear, and how can I get it back?

Footprints back is set to invisible in the items tap.

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Thanks! That fixes it!

But why is “Footprints Back” checked when I open it in 4.0.7, and unchecked when I open it in 5.1.4?

what is visible is controlled by this line: https://github.com/ppelleti/9VBatteryFlashlight/blob/51440579922c6796d725dfd33f46e2113b8f1613/Test0805.kicad_pcb#L72

For v5 it needs to be (visible_elements FFFFF77F) such that footprints back is visible. So either that bit was interpreted the other way round for v4 or there is a different bit responsible for the same visibility setting.
You could test this by setting it invisible in v4 and compare the same setting. If the same bit changes then they had it wrong in v4. If a different bit changes then the mapping changed.

Another possibility: in v4 you had the old canvas/toolset active which showed things differently. I can’t test because I don’t have v4 at hand.

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