Disabled functions PCBnew

Hello forum,

Recently I started using KiCad as my new cad program for creating schematics and PCB’s.
I have downloaded version 4.0.5 and I have some things disabled in PCBnew.
I dont have acces to differential pair routing and interactive routing. Are those add ons I have to install?
Thanks for any help.



Pcbnew is under transition from legacy canvas to OpenGL canvas.
The features you are looking for belong to the OpenGL cavas only.

Switch to OpenGL canvas with F11 and go back to legacy with F9

No new install required.

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Please switch canvas to OpenGL (hit F11) if your graphics card support them, or Cairo (hit F12) if it doesn’t. If Cairo mode will be very slow, please visit your computer shop to find better graphics card which support OpenGL and consider upgrade.

Thanks so much, this helped and I’m able to use differential pairs and interactive routing.