Disable the grid

How do I temporarily disable the snap grid in KiCad 6 rc1, nightly build ‘kicad-msvc.r25543.4bed260415-x86_64’. It worked to press the CTL key in nightly build ‘kicad-msvc.r25529.84cdc9701f-x86_64’, but does not any more. Neither dows the ALT key work, that was proposed earlier. Can I expect it to work (again) in the next nightly build?

I never worked much with shortcuts for the grid, but I do know that some shortcuts have chagned in KiCad-nightly V6.0.0-rc1. You can get an overview of grid related shortcuts with: Pcbnew / Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys and then type in “grid” in the search box.

Note there is also an option in Pcbnew / Preferences / Preferences / PCB Editor / Display Options to disable the snap to grid if the grid is not visible.

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