Disable grid warning in symbol editor

I’m editing a symbol and every time I edit a pin, I get a popup telling me that the symbol will be hard to align in the schematic because the grid size is different.

I’ve set the symbol editor grid spacing to 25 mm, as it is in the schematic grid. The popup seems to think it’s 50 mm.

Anyway, is there a way I can disable this warning? It’s just annoying and I don’t see anything in the preferences to turn it off…

All the standard library symbols are drawn with a grid of 0.050 inch. Changing the grid will make it very difficult to use any of the library symbols. Since a schematic is a dimensionless thing there is no real benefit and serious drawbacks to changing the grid to anything that isn’t a multiple or sub-multiple of that.

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This might be a bug. So report it over on gitlab (after all i can move the pin on any grid with the move command without an error so why should i get one in that dialog?)

It is however strange that you use the edit dialog to select the position of pins. I generally just move them with “m” as that is much faster and there is seldom a need to enter exact coordinates. (You would then of course need to select 25mil grid to be able to move the pins on that grid)

I’m not using the dialog to move them, only to edit them. But whenever I click OK, it constantly throws that error.

In any case, I’ve switched back to 50 mil spacings.

Did you make a bug report?

It’s not a bug, really. It was correctly warning me, but there was no way to disable it. I suspect my use case is not really relevant for most design needs, though.

I think it is a bug so i reported it here https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/4673

It is only a warning. If you think the pin is OK in a non-50 grid, the editor allows that placement and doesn’t bother anymore.

It is a popup that comes up every time you try to edit such a pin. Very annoying.

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