Disable creation of *.sch-bak and *bak file

How do i disable the creation of the *.sch-bak and *.bak files from Eeschema? I already set Preferences->Preferences->Common->Auto save to 0 and Preferences->Preferences->Common->File history size to 1 (The lowest possible value).

History size is the “recent files” history, it has nothing to do with backup.

I don’t know if there’s any solution. I have always ignored those files.

It can’t be disabled in 5.x, sorry

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I don’t keep them around either unless I’m actively working on a board.

At least once I have needed to “rewind” by deleting the current file and renaming the .bak file.
It’s not a matter of IF you’ll need the .bak file as a spare, but WHEN.

If I’m merely fine-tuning things, I just clean up after each session.

I use a proper version control system. If i want to go back to any previous version i use it, not the *bak files.

They don’t take up much space, so I assume they just offend your sense of tidyness.

You could create a crontab entry (on Linux) that cleans up unwanted files, after a grace period. Here’s mine that runs at 0505 daily that cleans up recent document links, photo thumbnails and XML metadata that okular has generated, that are older than 3 days. Feel free to adapt by searching the appropriate tree and adding a match for the undesired files.

5 5 * * * cd $HOME && find .thumbnails .local/share/okular/docdata .local/share/RecentDocuments -type f -mtime +3 -print0 | xargs -0 --no-run-if-empty rm -f
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If you use a proper version control system, then it is easy to configure it in such a way to ignore these files.

KiCad’s backup files have rescued some hours of work for me. KiCad has crashed on me a few times (so before committing to a version control system), and I was able to continue close to where it crashed.


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