Disable autoconnect

Is there any way to disable auto connect when moving component?

This usable for unconnected pins. But often annoying when I move around already connected component. It creates short circuit.

Is this what you need?

No. What I mean is when you move around already connected components. Like, when you want to make more room for another components. Then you move around, but not every wire follows the move. This makes some of them crossed.

Currently there is no PNS for connected tracks when moving components.

The function above the circled function “Mouse drag performs Drag G” will allow moving symbols without moving the wires if unticked.

What is PNS kind sir?

I know Move VS Drag, the first is just move, the latter includes the wires.
I mean to disable auto shorting when wire is moving.

Sorry, I just get the right words to use.

Push-and-shove. Basically the Kicad router.

Hi folks, just to be clear, we are on the Schematic?

Yes. but maybe @straubm sees this ability just like on router.

No. Thanks for your kindness. straubm just did not read properly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, there is nothing to prevent crossed wires on Schematic BUT, if they do not have junctions they are not shorted.

I should have asked at the beginning of the post if this was Schema. or PCB to avoid confusion.
English Second Language and words like “components” can make understanding difficult.

It is best to use wires and symbols for Schematic and tracks and footprints for PCBs.

Not true. If a wire happens to cross pins when being dragged, junctions are created.

There was a discussion about this (and some other things) a while back, Symbol editing and the netlist.

We cannot argue. I believe these are mutually exclusive events :smiley:

Since I’m the one to blame for starting that tussle, I’d like to add a comment.

If you just stop and think for a minute about the phrase “disable autoconnect”,
it might occur to you that it’s actually kind of crazy, because it’s an option to
turn off a behaviour that’s just an invitation to trouble to start with. (Apologies
to ESL people reading this; the language does get a little tangled.) The more
I see of KiCAD, the more I see mountains of options that probably shouldn’t
exist, and probably wouldn’t exist if an effort were made to create the simplest,
most consistent, and most reliable (in terms of preventing errors) user interface
possible. Another good example is move vs. drag, because you don’t need a
“drag” at all if you’ve really thought through how “move” should behave.

So please consider this. How much better would this be if the schematic capture
were governed by a few simple rules?

  1. A connection doesn’t just look like a connection. It really is a connection.
  2. Only you can make a connection. There is no autoconnect.
  3. Only you can disconnect. Things don’t break when you move them.
  4. I thought I had a #4, but now I can’t think of it. 1-3 really does cover it.
    But if it comes back to me I’ll edit it in.

Maybe I need to change the word “disable autoconnect” into “turn off auto junction”. :grinning:

@sugenganthos : Are you using v7? The drawing mode “Draw and drag at any angle” (button at left toolbar) produces much less autoconnect-junctions.

@mf_ibfeew Yes. I’m using V7 RC1

The RC versions are release candidates. You should at least update to the stable V7.0.0 (Without the RC postfix).