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I’m routing a board right now, and I like the fact that selecting a symbol in the schematic auto
selects its footprint in the PCB edifor.
However, when doing this, it zooms to the point that the component is displayed close to full
window when it’s a big component like a MCU, or clearly too big when it’s a resistor.
Is there a setting somewhere that could prevent the pcb to be rescaled?
Setting the component so that it’s visible in case it’s off screen is fine, but usually the next
move is precisely to move the component in which case I have to zoom out.

Ok summary: setting preventing auto-zoom in the PCB editor.



I have this in v7.99 (unstable nightly) in Preferences → Schematic Editor → Display Options:


When you switch to the PCB press the “Home” key. This helps, but I cannot find a way to disable the PCB zoom.

EEliks answer is only 99% correct:)
The picture shows the setting for crossprobing board–>schematic.

@roboya should look into Preferences → Board Editor → Display Options.
There are similar checkboxes for cross-probing from schematic–>board.



Thanks for the replies.
But V8 is quite a while away from now, right?
There will be apparently one version a year, therefore maybe next year Q1?

I think I will try to live with it.

Anyway, thanks again for the responsivity.

But V8 is quite a while away from now, right?

yes, planned 9 month (january 1924).

I think I will try to live with it

the same settings are already available in the stable v7.0.x series

Hi @roboya

The same preferences @eelik mentioned are in 7.0.1

You need to un-tick and OK the function showing, as @mf_ibfeew suggested.
You also need to manually alter the zoom level on the PCB.



Thanks of your reply.

I see. It will probably take a while until the next january 1924…



Exactly what I need. Sometimes not easy to spot a small component, but that’s probably the whole
point of this setting. The best of both worlds might be a blinking highlight…

Thanks again!


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