Directory settings for KiCad templates in nightly builds? [solved]

working on Windows 10 64 bits (or Win8.1 64 bits on another test platform, but results are the same)
I can set KICAD_PTEMPLATES in system environment variables or eventually on KiCad “preferences/Configure Paths…” menu.
if I want to create a new project from template, I get a window with 3 tabs : “system templates”, “user templates” & “portable templates”.
actually on my test system, only “portable templates” point to the directory corresponding to KICAD_PTEMPLATES.
is there a way to set the directories value for the two other tabs ??

“system templates” point to KiCad install dir (C:\Programs\KiCad\share\kicad\template) and “User template” point to a directory in my user documents dir (C:\Users\FLT\Documents\kicad\template).


sorry for replying to myself only a few minutes after asking, but it tried different things again and found a solution to my problem and since I’m not able to delete the post, here is my answer…
I didn’t find where I could set the other directories, but I understand why I couldn’t select another directory with the browse button, so no more need to set the directory before.
I was selecting the final directory (for example “Arduino_mini”) and get several file errors.
if I only select the “template” directory (containing several sub-directories, like “arduino_mini” and other templates), it’s working. I can see the different templates present and select one.

I think you answered your own question, but “System template” and “User template” directories are set internally to KiCad.

I’m not sure why user templates and portable templates are needed, but there you go.

thanks… :slight_smile:

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