DIP outline connectors?

This question isn’t about DIP footprints.

I want to be able to show on a schematic that a given connector is actually a DIP header or socket.
So far I’ve had to “roll my own” for my current project…

Or is there already such a thing and I’m blind?

There are only a limited amount of connector symbols in KiCad, but it’s quite easy to roll your own. (I assume you did so in the schematic symbol editor).

A few years ago I experimented a bit with python, to make a connector library with square pins to resemble 2 row headers.

They look like:

They’re not perfect, next improvement would be to add the default yellow background. I’ve attached the python script, so you can modify it to make connectors to your own liking.

Connectors_Square.py.zip (1.6 KB)

The closest might be Connector_Generic:Conn_02x16_Counter_Clockwise etc

This question came up before, I created a library IC_Generic.zip (2.4 KB)

I grabbed both attachments, thanks. Will load them when I “get a round tuit” and swap back to my new Mac.

Now that I know how to “roll my own” as far as ICs go, it took probably less time to remake the one I had used before (modified an IC symbol) than it took to consider the wording of my initial post. So it goes…

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