DIP ICs showing socket

It is not really required, but it would nice, to be is there is any way to show a DIP socket with an IC fitted in the 3D view

I think there are two basic ways to make it:

  1. to design 3D model of socket with IC in it,
  2. to have two footprints one on another (one can be without any copper) and IC footprint having IC shifted some distance in Z axis.

Here is my example of 3D models floating at some distance over PCB:

Round ferrite is glued to floating PCB.
E ferrite has negative offset to be on both PCB sides.

Take a 3D model of a socket and IC and add both to 3D models of the footprint, reposition them correctly and it’s done.

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Thank you much… It’s look quiet the really stuff now… Now move to Nixie :slight_smile:

A person learns all his life :slight_smile: