Diodes and resistors lost the non-grid void?

When I place these I have to do Align elements to grid to have wires attach.

Then if I move them (with G) they would align wrongly again, but the wires follow nicely.

But if I then need to connect to it with a new wire, I have to Align again, and a wire segment above is lost and below the component moves into a short segment that’s left. Pretty annoying. Need to get rid of this stubble. I have even seen one of them left after I thought I had cleaned the basin.

I have Grid thickness 3.0 px (I can’t tell it too often) and Min grid spacing 10 px. I guess the rest is default. Can I change these on the fly, or will my diagram start floating in the voids between grid points?

I need a smoother ride.

I have Grid thickness 3.0 px (I can’t tell it too often) and Min grid spacing 10 px

I guess you mean the settings in Preferences–>Schematic Editor–>Display options. (see picture left). These are only visually relevant settings. Change once, afterwards left them alone.

You can see the actual grid-setting at the statusbar. You can change it with the context-menu on the right mouse button (see picture right). grid-setting should be 0.05inch or 0.1inch.
If you always work with 0.05"/0.1" grid all pins/symbols should stay at this grid.
observe: the CTRL-key disables grid-snapping, so while moving things around press CTRL with caution.

Thanks a lot, @mf_ibfeew!

My grid setting was 0,1 inch, and I have not used the ctrl key.

Still I had this problem. However, when I tried to repeat it right now to get some screen clips it didn’t turn up. If it does I’ll make a screen copy to show here.

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