Diode symbol vs footprint pin assignments


The DIODE and DIODESCH schematic symbols in device.lib have pin assignments anode = pin 1, cathode = pin 2 whereas all diode footprints in diodes_SMD have this reversed i.e anode = pin 2, cathode = pin1. Fairly easy to fix in device.lib but I cannot believe I am the firs to notice this?


What kicad version do you use?
In the current symbol library pin 1 is is the cathode. See github repo Example: Line 615 defines pin 1 of the general diode symbol as cathode.

The only symbols with the cathode as pin 1 are marked as symbols with special pin orders. (As defined in the kicad library convention point 3.4. One example would be symbols with common anode.)

I also checked all 4.0.x tags of the library and all of them had pin 1 as cathode.


I have the 4.06 release build


What operating system are you using?

What symbol(s) are affected in your version? (The current library has no symbol named DIODE or DIODESCH. Edit: none of the 4.0.x tagged device libraries has one of these symbols.)

Is your local kicad library the same as the one taged as 4.0.6 in the repo? (download this file and use a diff tool to see if it is identical to the one you have locally. In linux your local copy lives under /usr/share/kicad/library. I’m not sure where it lives in windows but i think it is somewhere under c:/programm files/kicad)

If your local version is different: Is your kicad a fresh install or did you update it from another version. If you updated it, what version had you installed before 4.0.6? Did you update the library? (In most linux distros it is a separate package. In the widows installer you need to tick a box to update the library)


I am on macOS 10.12.4 with a KiCAD installation from 2 weeks ago (first time, fresh install).

Running diff on the repo lib vs my local lib, I notice lots of differences. Mine starts of with a bunch of devices annotated using French (nothing against the French!). Sooh, clearly something went wrong with (at least) device.lib. I take it you recommend doing a whole sale swap of the libs?


On 4.0.6 diodes are found in the library device.lib and are called D, D_ALT, D_Zener etc
It looks like you are picking up ancient symbols from another library. Two years ago pin 1 was anode, but KiCad was changed to match the IPC standard


So weird, I have never had KiCAD until 2 weeks ago (quite liking it btw). I don’t know how I got those libs - at this point I just need to get the right libs so should I just do a complete pull from github, symbols and footprints?


I’d probably do a complete removal and re-instal.

I suspect that you do not really have the correct 4.0.6 build.

Hope This Helps.


Have you imported a schematic created on an old version?