DigiKey libraries

I am trying to add DigiKey symbols ad footprints libraries to my project but I am not able. I need a detailed step by step guide from the beginning to the end. What I found in the web is confusing and videos are out of focus and with very small fonts. Is there someone who can help me? Thans.

Hi, I am using DK libraries.

  1. Have these two folders from DK (download them):

  2. Open Kicad project manager (black, main icon).

  3. Preferences → Manage Symbol libraries → Click “add” and point to digikey-symbols folder (select all files within subfolder);

  4. Preferences → Manage Footprint libraries → do the same for digikey-footprints.pretty folder (folder only):

I am using enfvironment variables (KICAD_DK_LIB_DIR) in my system in order to make libraries portable across my computers. For your setup - just use absolute folder paths.


Thank you very much for your answer. Could you please help me fixing this preliiminary issue durining clone operation ?

Hi, just download these folders (whole github archive - repository) manually - there should be a green button in top right of github web UI (pc version).


Check your spelling for Kicad. You have Keycad. That may be the cause of your problem.

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Also make sure that your version of KiCad is not too old for the DK libraries.