Digikey Footprint download problems

I use this link to install and configur the path to Digikey Footpint

Kicad showing the following message error reading zip local header

nothing works i can’t see the footprints on the footprints editor :wink:

What do you see? What don’t you see?
What are the differences?
What KiCad version? What OS? (Post whole version info from: KiCAd / Help / About / [Copy Version Info]
From here, we’re just guessing.

One of the guesses is that you did not install the libraries on the other PC.

A lot of common problems are collected in the FAQ part of this website.

before you respond, read this:

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Paul i have installed KIcad on another pc , the problem is the same

Pc No 1 Use Windows 10

Pc No 2 Use Windows 7

I don’t use Windoze, but the difference should be all the same.

Have you told KiCad where to find the Digikey Footprints?
It’s somewhere near:

KiCad / Preferences / Manage Footprint Libraries
And then use the plus: + to add a new library to either the “Global Libraries” or the “Project Specific Libraries”.

For a more fundamental approach do a search in the FAQ part of this forum, like so:

For the last 2 years or so, the FAQ part of this forum has been the closest to up to date manuals for KiCad you can get.


What would a zip header have to do with KiCad?
KiCad expects a normal sub directory (sometimes called “Folder”) and in it should be the *.kicad_mod files.

If you don’t want to mess with zip, then just:
~$ sudo apt install git
~$ cd /your_project_dir/kicad/
~$ git clone https://github.com/Digi-Key/digikey-kicad-library.git

Maybe your OS has the slashes backwards, but I assume you can manage that. :slight_smile:

And no apt :wink: Installing git under windows is a bit more involved. I can however say that i personally rather like http://gitextensions.github.io/ and https://gitforwindows.org/

I use tortoisegit as a gui, and can recommend it. IIRC it also lets you install the git backend without a hassle.

BTW, Windows 10 has the “linux sybsystem for windows” and a linux, for example Ubuntu, can be installed from the windows store. You can then open a terminal window for Ubuntu, apt install git, and use it as in linux. :slight_smile:¨This is offtopic, but just in case someone likes tweaking…

tortoise tries too hard to bend git to fit into the svn workflow for my liking. Makes it harder to really understand what is going on with git.

Thank’s folks for your precious help but nothing work !!!

You still haven’t given anything to work with. Try answering some of the questions asked of you.