Digikey and other KiCad footprints

I am looking at downloading the Digikey libraries. A check of Github from the digikey provided link seems to reveal that only a small amount of parts are there. Did I miss something or is this a feature that was never well developed?

Is there some other place to get KiCad foot prints from the vendors–I did not see any looking about the internet?


Generally, suppliers do Not provide Footprints, they provide Model outputs, such as .STEP, .WRL, .OBJ…etc.

We, the users need to make the Footprint and use those outputs.

Why? Because there a too many PCB design apps to keep up with, and that would be a full-time job for someone. Even Kicad goes through changes - WRL was the toy of the day, now, it’s STEP…

Best to learn the basics of 3D modeling (perhaps using FreeCad, the best, most compatible choice, at present time)

Friends of KiCad at SnapEDA provide KiCad footprints. As does Octopart for a smaller subset of parts

Thanks for the replies.
The reason I was looking to Digikey for footprints is somewhere in their documentation they mentioned that they do this for KiCad. But the library I found for them was only a miniscule subset so probably things did not work out for the reasons mentioned.
I use Fusion (and sometimes FreeCad). BlackCoffee–to be clear-are you indicating that there is a converison tool like FreeCAD–>KiCad?
Seth–I will check out the libraries that you mentioned. Personally I am always afraid to post my own footprints because I am afraid I have messed up and will lead someone astray!

Thanks again

No. Given that you have only a 3D model (such as .STEP), you need to make a Footprint and use the .STEP file.

It’s fairly simple - all that’s needed is to Open the Footprint Editior, Create New Footprint, Add Pads/etc and Draw a Silk (and/or other desired graphics). In the Footprint Properties panel of the Editor, you load the .STEP and place/orientate it as desired. There are many Tut’s and Video’s on making Footprints.

With a .STEP file in hand, it takes only a few minutes to have a nice, custom footprint…

ADDED: Here’s a link to one of my YouTube vids’s - there are several but this may be the simplest to learn from…

First 10 minutes is making a .STEP model, remaining few minutes is making a Footprint with it…

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The Digi-Key KiCad library seemed promising when it first came out, but there hasn’t been much activity on it in the last couple of years. Digi-Key offers so many parts that I don’t think the library would have ever been more than a small subset. But, I had been hoping that it would at least be a subset that would gradually grow over time. Not sure why they lost momentum, but I guess corporate priorities change.

I agree Patrick–at the time I saw the announcement form Digikey I was surprised and suspicious. The only thing I could figure was that perhaps vendors already had drafts and Digikey had written a converter for KiCad.
Sure - that and a solution for World Peace


I don’t know, but I suspect that it was something more along the lines of some Digi-Key employee liked KiCad and made a bunch of KiCad symbols and footprints, but then they either left Digi-Key, lost interest, or have been busy with other work.

I don’t think they came from vendors, because Digi-Key has a separate partner library for that. (Which contains even less.)

I also don’t think they used a converter from some other format, because their footprints are KLC-compliant.

I am using this repo: https://github.com/Digi-Key/digikey-kicad-library.git
Updated it on 2020 December. 484 footprints, well made, 300 symbols. I don’t know if that is many or little but enough for me, and very useful.

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